Monday, April 23, 2012

Thoughts on food planning.

Editors note: This was originally posted on my journal at so it is written in a stream-of-consciousness style (or thereabouts).

I went to the grocery store yesterday and got my meat for the week based on the sales. I've been thinking about this a bit, especially with posts like Mark's today where we are focused on nutrients in foods. While I keep it simple and focus on meat and veggies (fruit and baked primal goodies are our treats) I've been thinking more about what I want on our table. I decided that each day of the week will be certain food types. My meat this week includes 2 kinds of ground meat (turkey and hamburger), 1 seafood (the wild caught dover sole was the least expensive I could find), 1 chicken, and 1 "other" (pork loin this week since we're tired of chicken and ground meat). I've already been told that taco boats are a staple in our house so I know that will always happen once a week. Then the other ground meat is up in the air as to how I'll cook it (meatballs this week). Chicken is chicken breast 9/10 times due to habit and this week is no exception. The seafood will depend on whatever I find on foodee or googling the type of food with the term "primal recipe" afterwards that is simple (simplicity is my friend). And the other will be another foodee find.

Unless the meal is all encompassing like taco boats I must get another veggie as a side dish. This week I got cauliflower to make paleo pork fried rice (which I'm hoping will be another "converter food" as my hubby calls it), broccolli, kale for kale chips, and some other foods I forget right now. To get my toddler (20mo) to try veggies I'm also letting her pick out one veggie a week for us to try. This week it was cabbage.

For lunch it is almost always leftovers but I tend to buy some higher quality lunch meat or some basic hot dogs for those days when there is no leftovers. Speaking of leftovers-I always plan one night a week devoted to leftovers that didn't get eaten for lunch. This also gives me a break day. Breakfast is ALWAYS eggs with cheese (though I'm working on finding some egg muffin type foods that I can grab in the mornings we're running late but I have yet to try any on the toddler to see if she likes them). And snacks are always fruit or bananacado pudding. I use the pudding for dessert on the nights that my toddler doesn't eat dinner so that she gets something in her system to hold her over through the night (but I also make it in the afternoons for me and I share it so she has yet to catch onto my system here).

I also got a dragon year pack (aka sampler to me) of SeaSnax. So far my toddler likes the sweetness of the sea sprinkles but won't eat them. I have tried the chipotle and it is too spicy for me. I'm hoping we can find some of these we like so I can stuff them in my hubby's lunches (that I am starting to make for him-he felt very well treated last night when I told him I made his lunch) and for grabbing in my diaper bag for snacks on the go. I figure if we find ones we like and can get past the fact that it's seaweed (aka my toddler and hubby need to-I'm still working through the burn on my tongue!) then it'll be a staple twice a week to bump our seafood intake. Update: we've now tried 4 of the 5 kinds and none have been a hit since they do leave the fishy taftertaste (they are seaweed after all). For some reason they upset my stomach too-I think it may have to do with the peppers from the chipotle more than the seaweed but I suspect an intollerance to nightshades too.

I'm also working on obtaining some crabpots to go rock crabbing (love it!) but I'm the only one who likes it in my crew. And my hubs and I are going to start fishing together so we'll get some fish in us soon. I just need to learn to gut it and all.

I'm also looking into the "pet burger" that has in order to get some inexpensive good quality ground meat in us (the hubs and kid don't need to know it has liver and heart in it too) between it being grass fed and the organs in it. I figure I already pay about 4.50 a lb for ground meat anyway unless I can find a good deal. I'll have to double check my pricing on it first though.

All in all my attempts at menu planning have so far been a failure but I must remember that I may learn multiple ways NOT to do something before I learn how to do it.

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