Monday, October 17, 2011

On Montessori, long drives, and toddlers


Lately I've been pretty busy. This is normal for me, though. I took a 20 hour drive to and from my sister-in-law's home town to move her back here. Yes, with a 14mo old. I have some tips and tricks on this coming soon. I also have been getting back into going to church and am in the process of starting a new choir with the church for Christmas (yay!). But, mostly, I've been doing a ton of research on Montessori activities for Gorgeous (and deciding that I'm going back to school to be a primary education teacher-probably only on a substitute basis for now since I want to homeschool).

It's difficult to find actitivities for Gorgeous because her brain is so developed compared to her body. She is so smart that she prefers educational activities like transfering and feely boxes and such over basic toys like the dancing Elmo toy she has. But she wants to do these activities but then gets frustrated because her body won't respond the way she wants it to (like how she wants to scoop rice from our sensory box into the funnel but can't seem to get the scooping motion down). I'm not quite sure how to help her so I'm doing my research to try to figure it out.

If anyone has ideas please let me know. Otherwise, look for a more in depth post to come soon.

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