Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Primal/Paleo Challenge to you!

Hi everyone! It’s me, Dawn. Back from the depths of the interwebz and ready to give you all something to chomp on. It’s September, a time for new beginnings like the start of the school year and my birthday (I’m 22 now!). It’s also a time of challenges. And not just the “can you force yourself out of bed early enough to get the kids off to school” type of challenges. I’m talking bigger and more personal.

Mark Sisson of Marks Daily Apple has proposed his yearly challenge to begin on September 12th! And, let me tell you, I’m excited! I am currently 4 days into being Primal (following the 80/20 rule) and am on my own personal challenge to give up processed foods, grains, legumes, and sugar! And I’ll be adding an extra few days just to participate in my first Primal Challenge! In the spirit of this month I’ll even be posting a lot about my own journey, including my own “Before” pictures as taken on September 6, 2011, in addition to a lot of family, frugal, minimalist, and nutrition topics.

For those of you who don’t know what Primal/Paleo is check out The Primal Parent, Primal Toad, or even Marks Daily Apple itself! It is very healthy in my own humble opinion and, honestly, you don’t know until you try it. Part of the fun of things is experimentation!
So, I propose a challenge to you. And you get option my dear friends.

1. Take the Primal Challenge! Go check out the rules and try it out. You have nothing to lose considering it’s only 30 days of your life.


2. Give up junk food. Many of us are addicted to junk food and don’t realize it. Ever gotten really full but still had a craving for pasta or candy? We can become so addicted that we stash our food and lose friends/family! So give it up!

3. Your last choice? Go Whole Foods. Even if you can’t seem to get rid of your precious bread and soymilk at least make everything from scratch. Real veggies, real fruit, real meat, and, if you must, whole grains. At least this way you get to hold onto conventional wisdom a touch longer. Make you feel warm and fuzzy at night.

And if you just can’t wrap your head around these options then try one of the following:

Get better sleep. Turn off all lights in your room, darken the windows, and go to sleep about when the sun goes down. You may have to count sheep the first couple nights but I promise it’ll help.

Play. No, not online or on another device. Put them down and go play. Climb a tree, play dress up with your nearest young female relative, swim, dance, walk through the park. It doesn’t matter how you play, just that you do it for the fun of it.

Get more sex. Seriously. Sex is fun, a workout, and an endorphin release. So if you are of the age where you feel okay with “doing it” then just “do it”.

Relax. Take 10-15 minutes or so each day to just do something that relaxes you. Draw, write, take a long hot shower…

Kill the clutter. Seriously, your outside surroundings are akin to the state of your mind. If you live in clutter then you see lots of visual stimulation which leads to more stress. The minimalist movement has something right. Even if you don’t aspire to be minimalist at least do a 27 fling boogie a la FlyLady. And remember, you can do anything for 15 minutes.

You know, I could totally give you more ideas for mini challenges but I want to hear your ideas. So go on and tell me in the comments what it is you are planning on doing for September 2011 and why. I’d be happy for some thoughts!!

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